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Since our inception in 2002, we have been at the forefront of the digital revolution, empowering B2B businesses to thrive in the ever-evolving online landscape. Our story began in the early days of the internet, where we saw the potential to transform how businesses connect with their audience. Over the past two decades, we have grown alongside the digital world, continuously adapting and expanding our expertise. From pioneering search engine optimization strategies to embracing the latest in social media trends, our journey reflects our commitment to staying ahead of the curve.

Cdweb’s story begins with Pietro’s story…

As in the best modern fables, our story starts with a small room in the southern suburbs of Milan.

While Larry Page and Sergey Brin started working on the first version of Google, a 25-year-old boy with a degree in Political Science and a passion for the new digital world started exploring the web and started rudimentary internet sites…

After an experience in a Software house as a consultant, fortunately, Pietro decided to change the street and invest everything in 2 PCs and a telephone line. How many agencies born in those years Cdweb initially offered all services relative to the internet: graphics, design, hosting, mailing, web sites.

Despite the business development of the agency, Pietro begins to wonder if his clients having a site will be enough: «ok to have brought them to the internet but how will they be found by their customers?»

After 6 years, the Cdweb team had grown in number and professionalism and was mature enough to decide to specialize in SEO and SEM. It was 2008 and Cdweb decided to concentrate on the growing searches of online users and to focus on SEO. Cdweb passes the promise of “go online” to that of “be found by clients”.


Why Choose Us?


1. Tough people who love challenges

We take our customers’ challenges very seriously. Solving them is what motivates us every day, the more complex they are, the more they fascinate us and winning them is what rewards us. We are aware of what is at stake for them and we take responsibility for it.

agency team

2. We are used to being evaluated on results.

Our agency grew by initially working with small businesses for which achieving their objectives is vital. Today we are proud to have contributed to the success of many of our customers and happy that they recognize this in their testimonials.

agency team

3. Curious and eternal students

The evolution of business models and user behavior push us to grow with them. We do this by transferring lessons from one market to another, drawing ideas and best practices from our customers’ experiences in different sectors.

On digital we are committed to daily research and experimentation, constant training to follow algorithm updates and the evolution of SEO and technology.


4. Collaboration and contamination

We don’t limit ourselves to sending reports but our working method includes constant follow-up, periodic meetings with the customer to share activities and proposals, training and refresher courses for the marketing teams

We are used to saying what we think and we do not hide the reading of the results from the client and we always give honest and direct opinions on the campaigns.


5. Some numbers on Cdweb

Active since 2002

Over 300 customers with 90% renewal and testimonials

Over 10 employees, Google Ads certified staff

Senior SEO team with more than 85 SEO migrations behind them, 14 international projects in 6 languages

Launch at the agency’s new Lambrate Digital Lab location with 9 events in 2019 and more than 600 registered participants

Speaker at events organised by Engage / IAB Forum etc

1 Book in two languages (Italian and English) for sale on Amazon

Finalists in the SEO category at the UK Search Awards and European Search Award winners Mediastar 2019 in the SEO category

Cdweb was born in 2002,

three years before Facebook.

From then to today we have experienced all the biggest changes on the web with our customers: the impact of social media, the new way of thinking of search engines, the advent of mobile and the new habits of people online.

The history of Cdweb begins with the story of Pietro…

As in the best modern fairy tales, our story starts from a bedroom in the southern outskirts of Milan.

While Larry Page and Sergey Brin began working on the first version of Google, a 25-year-old boy with a degree in Political Science accidentally became passionate about the newborn digital world and began to explore the web and the first rudimentary websites…

After an experience in a software house as a consultant, luckily Pietro decides to change direction and invest everything in 2 PCs and a telephone line


Cdweb is born

In the years in which the desire to “be on the internet” began, as they said at the time, Pietro began to bring artisans, restaurateurs and other small local businesses online with the help of a graphic designer and a programmer.

Like many agencies born in those years, Cdweb initially offered all internet-related services: graphics, design, hosting, mailing, websites.

Despite the development of the agency’s business, Pietro begins to wonder if having a website will be enough for his clients: “it’s ok to have brought them onto the internet but how will they be found by their clients?”

Specialization in SEO / SEM

We hadn’t yet talked about SEO but from that question Pietro began an in-depth study on how to position yourself online.

After 6 years the Cdweb team had grown in number and professionalism and the decision was made to specialize in SEO and SEM.

It was 2008 and Cdweb decided to focus on the growing searches of online users and to focus on SEO.

Cdweb thus moves from the promise of “going on the internet” to that of “being found by customers”.

The advent of mobile and social media…

In 2010 Google revised the algorithm and we began to understand that users will also prefer optimized experiences as a future increasingly linked to mobile devices takes shape.

Since 2014, with the consecration of social networks with Facebook, there has been talk of the end of SEO: SEO is dead. Long live SEO.

We don’t believe it and we are convinced that everything happens in any case through a person looking for something. We begin to “rethink” our approach by trying to go beyond the user’s intentions, when he doesn’t yet know he’s searching.

A strategic approach to Search is necessary and Cdweb’s new turning point is born from these reflections.

It is the development of the first strategic approach to SEO that we called Search Marketing Design and we described it in a book also translated into English.

The new headquarters and the Lambrate Digital Lab

From the desire to share our journey with the opening of the new headquarters in the heart of Lambrate, a new project was born in 2019, the Lambrate Digital Lab.

In a short time we created 9 sector meetings and themed workshops, round tables with digital experts, marketers and business managers, with over 600 participants.

We didn’t imagine we would be so successful: you shared our dream of building a community of professionals and enthusiasts in which to share experiences and reflections.

Search Marketing Design has found new followers and from the contamination Cdweb has grown further: Lambrate Digital Lab has given us the opportunity to meet new professionals and form new collaborations.

And now?

We don’t know the future yet and we will write it together with our customers. If you want, with you too.


 Since 2002 chosen by over 300 B2B companies

Our Awards and our Certifications

Search Marketing Design: the book

To excel in an ever-changing market you need a clear vision, the ability to be found by your customers and the ability to filter the methods of the moment.

«An invitation to seize the opportunities of the digital market, focusing on what relevance makes more sense, leaving aside pre-packaged tactics and formulas.»
Alberto Mattiello (Professor of Digital Marketing at Bocconi University)

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