Constant increase in quality traffic and contacts

Rivalue is a software for calculating energy needs.
We have rethought the site of Rivalue – a company that unites three leading brands in energy efficiency, Alpi Fenster, Hoval and Rockwool – in a totalizing perspective to improve its lead generation. From design to positioning, from the Italian to the German language: a 360° job in the field of digital marketing for the energy sector.


In addition to finding consensus from a graphic point of view, the restyling of the site and its transformation into a portal of energy savings have led to a constant increase in contacts, both by individuals interested in energy efficiency solutions, by companies wishing to become part of the project.

As for the SEO results, now generates quality traffic and is on the front page in the organic results of search engines for several top keywords such as “energy saving calculation”, “energy saving software”, “energy upgrading buildings” and others.


We are a lead generation agency based in Milan that deals with digital marketing for our customers. Through the construction of the site, CMS and SEO activities, we want to give visibility to the project “Rivalue”, software for calculating energy savings created by the joint venture between Rockwool, Hoval and Alpi Fenster.


1. Pozionamento SEO website
2. Development (Web Design & Web Application)

The goal entrusted to Cdweb was the creation of a portal that offered not only the actual software, but also useful information on energy saving issues, as well as on the three companies involved and at the same time generating leads. Cdweb took care of the creation of this new concept of the website, drawing inspiration from the most modern layout standards and integrating it with graphic and chromatic elements to support the identity of the project.

At the same time as the launch of the new version of the site, Cdweb also started the SEO activities for, taking care not only of the set-up phase, but also of the changes in search engine positioning.

To underline is also the realization of a custom CMS ad hoc. The site has been developed both in Italian and German.

The realization of the landing page was aimed at the activation of an AdWords campaign with several groups of Search and Display ads (both institutional and promotional) of the services offered by Swiss Chamber for companies and professionals of the Swiss and Italian market.
The activities just exhibited were carried out in Italian and German.

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