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New consultancy for B2B companies 

If you had problems with

⚠️ clients who pay little, demand a lot and don’t appreciate the work you do

⚠️  finding new clients – who you work well with – in a B2B niche sector such as manufacturing and ICT

⚠️ not being able to identify the companies (and the right internal interlocutors) who need your solutions

⚠️ wasting time creating too much technical content (which is difficult to do) and which potential customers often don’t understand, overloading your team​​

⚠️ not being able to understand what you’re doing wrong and what you’re doing right in your marketing

and you want to find out how to…

 find new target customers in a B2B niche sector

 understand which people within the company are in charge of choosing the new supplier

✅  communicate in a non-aggressive way

✅  achieve results without overloading you and your work team

Request your free personalized consultation with Pietro Marilli now in which you will discover:

👉 The digital strategy to follow and the most effective activities for your case

👉 What is the #1 cause that is blocking your marketing

👉 The necessary investments to do

👉 The concrete results you can achieve


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The testimonies of those who have already put us to the test

Over 324 companies are using our method successfully (and paying back their investment after 3 months)

Federica Maritano

+994% Commercial Leads

Simona Maioli

Lead generation for logistics sector

Frauke Neuberg

Lead generation for the chemical sector

Michelangelo Prendin
GENERAL MANAGER di Vision Engineering Italia

+20% di acquisti derivanti dal traffico organico​

Dario Sala

+221% di contatti in 6 mesi

Massimo Barsotti

+31% di conversioni in 6 mesi

About us

Search Marketing Design: the book

To excel in an ever-changing market you need a clear vision, the ability to be found by your customers and the ability to filter the methods of the moment.

«An invitation to seize the opportunities of the digital market, focusing on what relevance makes more sense, leaving aside pre-packaged tactics and formulas.»
Alberto Mattiello (Professor of Digital Marketing at Bocconi University)

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