Since 2002, we have been assisting foreign B2B companies to grow in Italy and abroad

Cdweb is a Top-Tier b2b digital marketing company in italy

Specializing in the dynamic landscape of B2B marketing, our agency is your gateway to success in the Italian market. Understanding the unique challenges faced by foreign businesses, we offer tailored strategies that blend local expertise with global trends.

Whether you’re in the industrial or ICT sector, we craft solutions that not only resonate with your target audience in Italy but also align seamlessly with your international objectives. Partner with us to navigate the Italian market and amplify your brand’s presence and drive growth.

Cdweb Agency: Your B2B Marketing Gateway In Italy

In today’s globalized economy, Italy presents a myriad of opportunities for foreign businesses looking to expand their reach. Understanding the intricacies of the Italian market can be a daunting task for companies unfamiliar with the local landscape.

This is where Cdweb Agency, one of the most recognised b2b digital marketing company in italy, comes into play, offering specialized services to assist foreign businesses in navigating the complexities of investing and establishing a strong presence in Italy.

We offer bespoke marketing strategies that are not just translations of global plans but are custom-built to resonate with the Italian audience.

Our deep understanding of local consumer behavior, market trends, and regulatory environment allows us to craft marketing campaigns that effectively communicate your brand’s message while respecting local nuances.

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Real stories from real customers.

Federica Maritano

+994% Commercial Leads

Simona Maioli

+33% of conversions in one semester

Frauke Neuberg

+129% organic traffic in 6 months

Michelangelo Prendin
GENERAL MANAGER of  Vision Engineering Italia

+20% of purchases coming from organic traffic

Dario Sala

+221% of contacts in just 6 months

Massimo Barsotti

+31% of conversions in 6 months

Why Choose our B2B digital marketing company?

b2b digital marketing company in italy

1. We Achieve Results For Our Clients

We have always been evaluated based on our performance, and since 2002, we have successfully managed over 300 b2b digital marketing projects for just as many satisfied clients: read the testimonials that describe the challenges we have faced and the results we have achieved.

2. We  are specialized in your sector

Our B2B digital marketing company support companies  like yours, we have experiences and success stories in your sector or in sectors with the same problems typical of those who sell to other companies.

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3. We created the “Growing Without Advertising” method

We have studied the “Growing Without Advertising” method, specifically for B2B companies, a procedure customized to your needs that comes from 20 years of experience in finding contacts for companies that sell to businesses.

Our Services

An innovative approach to expanding your client base in Italy in the B2B sector.


To enhance your online visibility and organic reach.


To drive targeted traffic and maximize ROI.

CRO Optimization

To optimize conversion rates and improve user experience.

Digital Marketing Training

To empower your team with the latest skills and knowledge in digital marketing.

B2B Marketing Consultancy

To develop tailored strategies for B2B engagement and growth.

Digital Strategy for B2B

To craft a comprehensive and effective digital approach for B2B success.

B2B Digital Marketing Company

Cdweb is a Milan-based b2b digital marketing company

We support B2B companies like yours, with experience and successful cases in your sector or in sectors facing the typical challenges of those selling to other businesses.

In partnering with us, you gain more than a service provider; you gain a committed ally who is invested in your long-term success in Italy.

Our dedication to your growth and prosperity in the Italian market is unwavering, and we look forward to being a part of your success story.

Our agency is different from all the others because we are digital natives in the SEO / SEM field and we apply strategic marketing analysis to digital.

Since 2002 we have a history of clear and demonstrable results with over 300 national and international clients.

Take advantage from this opportunity

Are you tired of customers who pay little and demand a lot? 

Set up a free consulting call with Pietro Marilli, founder of Cdweb, and learn how he has grown over 324 B2B companies since 2002

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Our development method
of your B2B customers

Our reputation as a top-tier b2b digital marketing company service provider is built on a foundation of unparalleled expertise, innovative strategies, and a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in B2B marketing.

Comprehensive Support Through Every Step

From initial market research to executing marketing campaigns and analyzing their performance, our agency provides comprehensive support at every step.

We assist in understanding the competitive landscape, identifying potential barriers to entry, and developing strategies to overcome them. We offer support and ongoing market analysis to ensure your business stays ahead of the curve.

A Partnership for Growth and Prosperity

Our commitment to your success is unwavering. We work tirelessly to ensure that your venture into the Italian market is not only successful but also sustainable.

Partnering with us means gaining a dedicated ally who understands the importance of your global vision and the specificities of the Italian market. Let us be your guide and partner in unlocking the full potential of your B2B business in Italy.

Customized Marketing Solutions for Sector-Specific Challengesy

We are specialized in your sector.

Since 2002 chosen by over 300 B2B companies

Search Marketing Design: the book

To excel in an ever-changing market you need a clear vision, the ability to be found by your customers and the ability to filter the methods of the moment.

«An invitation to seize the opportunities of the digital market, focusing on what relevance makes more sense, leaving aside pre-packaged tactics and formulas.»
Alberto Mattiello (Professor of Digital Marketing at Bocconi University)

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