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How to set up a B2B digital marketing strategy with Search Marketing Design®, a method tested by dozens of companies for over 20 years.

How to set up a B2B digital marketing strategy so you don’t have to fumble

Specializing in the dynamic landscape of B2B marketing, our agency is your gateway to success in the Italian market. Understanding the unique challenges faced by foreign businesses, we offer tailored strategies that blend local expertise with global trends. Whether you’re in the industrial or ICT sector, our team is dedicated to crafting solutions that not only resonate with your target audience in Italy but also align seamlessly with your international objectives. Partner with us to navigate the Italian market with confidence, leveraging our proficiency in digital marketing to amplify your brand’s presence and drive growth.

When experimentation is useful

Experimentation and AB tests are a useful practice especially in the optimization phase to improve the results obtained or to evaluate alternative activities.

At the start of a B2B digital marketing strategy, however, a moment of analysis is essential to precisely identify the target, the Buyer Personas involved in the choice, understand needs and motivations for purchasing, the sources of information and the journey that our customer takes. customer (Customer Journey) until the moment he buys and beyond.


Furthermore, for our approach it is important to understand the competitors we are dealing with, their strengths, what they communicate and how they are moving on the web. It is a cognitive journey that we do together with the customer to bring together and rationalize all the elements that will make our plan successful.

To understand how to set up an effective B2B digital marketing strategy, analysis is the first step to designing truly effective digital plans.

The 5 steps to set up a B2B Digital Marketing Strategy

1. Analysis Of Business Objectives

We want to know everything about our customers. The more we understand your goals and concerns, the more we are able to design a customized digital marketing plan that takes into account your resources and capabilities, timing expectations and the complexities related to your organization.

2. Analysis Of Competitors And The Sector

Do you know who your competitors are and what distinguishes them? How can we use their weaknesses to give your company a competitive advantage?
We will find out together, aided by our tools designed for digital reconnaissance.

With the analysis of online competitors we will identify which are the digital best practices in your sector from which to take inspiration and its rules of the game as well as the metrics and KPIs with which we will have to deal with in our business.

3. Creation Of Buyer Personas

Every B2B digital marketing strategy should be based on solid buyer personas.

A Buyer Persona is an archetype, an imaginary character that embodies the demographics, motivations, interests and behavior of the different figures who intervene in the purchasing process.

Thanks to data analysis, internal workshops and interviews we will be able to draw the different profiles and identify the most effective way to intercept them.

4. Design Of Your Digital Ecosystem

What digital assets will you need to intercept your customers?

Identifying them and drawing the connections between them is the objective of this phase to give each of the elements of your digital ecosystem (sites, social media, landing pages etc…) a precise and effective role in the engagement, conversion and loyalty of your customers .

5. Content Strategy

Knowledge of the target and the Buyer Personas will allow us to identify the most effective contents by cutting them out in order to intercept their interest and fuel the dialogue with them.
A targeted content strategy will then be articulated in the different digital channels frequented by our target and the related contents will be distributed where the target can intercept them.

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