Online lead generation strategies for the engineering industry

Digital marketing engineering sector: +75% of turnover on the European market in 2 years

Faca, Italian engineering company active since 1974, is specialized in the production of manual winches and brake levers.

For Faca, we have studied a digital marketing & lead generation strategy in the ad hoc engineering sector based on design and content, which has launched the site on the Italian and international market, considerably increasing its turnover.


In two years of work, with a strategy of Digital Marketing and online lead generation for the engineering industry, Faca recorded:

+30% turnover on the Italian market
+75% turnover on the European market
+60 top product keywords in 1 page – USA
+30 top product keywords in 1 page – US
+25 top product keywords in 1 page – GERMANY
+20 top product keywords in 1 page – SPAIN


* Data first quarter 2017 vs first quarter 2015

The digital strategy implemented for Faca has recorded very positive results for the customer, who has decided to continue with the SEO activities beyond the setup phase.


CEO di Faca

“We have achieved good results, we are developing in foreign countries like Germany, Great Britain and we are entering the countries of the East.
Positioning on Google is important especially to overseas, the whole world can see our products and helps to make themselves known.”


– International SEO
– Development (Web Design and Web Application)

As a digital marketing agency for the metalworking sector, we have identified for Faca a lead generation strategy that included two macro areas of intervention: development work (Web Design and CRO) supported by a content optimization strategy aimed at achieving the best positioning on search engines (multilingual SEO).
In detail, the works of Web Design and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) were addressed at first to the Italian-language company website, published many years ago and became obsolete for the main devices, as well as very lacking in terms of appeal for the end user. We started from a graphic and structural restyling of the site, which made it responsive and compatible with the standards for mobile.

The most interesting intervention has been made on the content front. First, wide visibility was given to the entire Faca product catalog, first bound in a marginal position and now the real fulcrum of the site: it was divided into micro and macro categories that improve the browsing experience and, above all, ad hoc calls to action were inserted to guide the visitor towards the request for information on Faca’s products, thus generating a commercial lead.

The work described above was also carried out for the other language versions. At the same time, the SEO setup was started, entering the heart of Search Marketing. First, for each reference market, the research trends and the online activities of the main competitors of the company were analyzed.Later, the selection phase of the keywords was carried out with meticulous attention, using tools like Google Instant and related searches as well as professional SEO tools like Semrush.

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