Web marketing Healthcare: Seda’s digital strategy case study


Over 530 business contacts from the site in a year and +300 subscribers to the webinar

Seda is an Italian distributor of quality medical products. For them we carried out the complete restyling of the site and took care of the positioning in Italian and English, consolidating the presence of Seda in Italy and launching some medical products on the international market.

Between February and April 2023 we also launched a funnel webinar strategy.


In 1 year from the beginning of the work, the results of a digital strategy for the healthcare sector were:

+ 185%organic traffic from Italy

+ 209% organic traffic from the United States

* Data 2017 vs 2016

Also, in October 2018 there were:

+ 158% of organic traffic from Italy
+ 310% organic traffic from the United States

* Data 2018 vs 2017

These data are the result of an adequate keywords strategy focused on high traffic keywords:

+160 top product keywords positioned – ITALY
+50 top product keywords positioned – US

The improvement of online visibility together with the increase in qualified leads had a positive impact on the number of traffic; quoditiane contact requests are constantly increasing, both from Italy and abroad:

over 530 business contacts from site in one year

With the healthcare web marketing project for Seda we went into nominations at the Interactive KEY Awards and Mediastars winning the 1st prize.

In April 2023 we launched the first online event that brought +300 subscribers and +120 participants, from which business contacts were born.



Managing Director of SEDA S.p.a.

“Pietro Marilli and the Cdweb team have rapidly increased the online visibility of Seda S.p.A., thanks to a very professional approach and their assiduous commitment have helped us in the acquisition of new contacts in Italy and abroad”

Commercial technical coordinator of SEDA s.p.a.

“The proposal to organize a webinar opened up a possibility that we had not evaluated.

In terms of practical results we can say that we found a much larger audience than we expected and absolutely in target.

Cdweb gave us the right ideas to push the event, the right channels to create the event and the right tips to act in terms of social action and sales network, to effectively promote this type of event. It was a team effort that particularly satisfied us.

Cdweb is a partner who has knowledge and knows how to move in an increasingly complex world.”


We are a lead generation agency based in Milan that deals with digital marketing for our customers.

The digital strategy identified for SEDA had as its main objective the lead generation of prospects for the commercial network combined with the increase of brand awareness and online visibility of the company on a specific target previously identified.

Specifically, the healthcare web marketing project for Seda s.p.a. set as business objectives the consolidation of the company’s presence in Italy and the launch of some of its medical products not only on the national market, but also abroad, in a perspective of internationalization of the brand.

The purpose of the project was to generate new business contacts, to introduce a new medical device on the market and, at the same time, to raise awareness of an extremely important topic.


– SEO strategy & lead generation
– Sales Oriented Development (Web Design and Web Application)

There were two areas of intervention of the digital strategy designed for SEDA: a development work (Web Design and CRO) combined with a search engine positioning work (bilingual SEO).

Specifically, as regards the development of the new site in Italian and English, the work of Web Design and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) started from a complete restyling of the site – also in structural terms – in order to make it mobile friendly and responsive, as well as SEO oriented and optimized for conversions.

After the development of the new site, work began on the Search. For the SEO setup were analyzed the research trends of potential buyers of the company and then selected keywords through a work “cascade”:

starting from the first level of clinical sectors (e.g. Cardiology) in association with keyword medical products, we moved to the second level of products divided by areas of intervention (e.g. Syncope) in association with the keywords medical supplies for, finally reaching the last level with the various products available for the treatment of the indicated pathology (e.g. non-invasive monitoring).

All the analyses were carried out using tools like Google Instant and related searches, as well as professional SEO tools like Semrush.


– Strategy in the webinar

In April 2023 we launched the first online event: a webinar on their new medical device, aimed at getting new business contacts.

The project started with the sending of a first questionnaire aimed at carrying out market research on the interests and problems of users in the medical field.

The real launch of the webinar, which took place through social platforms, the website and the newsletter, was preceded by an editorial plan for the blog aimed at creating a storytelling

An advertising strategy supported the entire project.

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